Points of Interest 景點 > Vegetation 校園的植物


(a) Azalea 杜鵑

The azalea growing in our school belongs to the type called simsii. The flowers are mostly purplish red and white with evergreen leaves.

In Chinese culture, the azalea is known as 'thinking of home bush' (思鄉樹). It is renowned for its beauty and is on the list of the ten most famous flowers of China.

(b) Slash Pine 愛氏松

This tree is more than ten years old and was planted by Sr. Rose Duchesne in 2000 for the celebration of our school's 75th anniversary and Sr. Rose Duchesne's 60th year as a Maryknoll Sister.

It has a round top 'broom' of needles at the ends of the branches, and scaly bark with plates.

The pines can be used to produce turpentine and crude rosins.

(c) Camel's Foot Tree 宮粉羊蹄甲

This tree is planted in March 2015 for the celebration of our school's 90th anniversary.

The leaf shape resembles the footprint of a camel.

It is in the same family and genus as Bauhinia blakeana, the floral emblem of Hong Kong. Both have the same characteristics with orchid-like flowers with a pleasant fragrance and large round twin-lobed leaves which are distinctive from other species.